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I used your maps on my Ipad exclusively for prerunning. Worked awesome. And used it a lot for leading friends around for recreational wheeling. I have nothing bad to say about the navigation or maps except that the resolution when you zoom in on my phone sucks, but is fine on my Ipad.

Other feedback.... Bear with me as I was pretty drunk when this went down. Tuesday night when I was trying to figure out where we would wheel Wednesday without getting on the UTV course, I realized I needed the UTV course map. So I used the Cartotracks app on my Android phone because my Ipad is WiFi only. I went through the screens, entered by CC#, thought I paid, remember (fuzzy memory) of seeing a payment accepted screen, but was unable to download the map. I see that I have a payment receipt from Google Play / Paypal for $4.99, so the transaction went through. Never got an email with a link to download like the rest. I "assumed" purchases on the app and the website were linked, but it appears not. So I then went to the website and paid again with my CC, except it's $9.95 on the website. That worked. Downloaded to Ipad and all is well. It's not a big deal, but I wouldn't mind a refund for one of those transactions, since I bought the same thing twice. I understand this is all new and you're still getting it all working. Just trying to help.
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