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Originally Posted by 88bigvan View Post
Todd, what do you use for internet up that way and how is it?

Some video on page 2 of the calguns link below if anyone is interested
Hey dude! I've had a T1 almost 5 years now... was fine until 2016 and it's been bad comparing to previous years, and bigger problem is AT&T refuses to payout SLA credits for cut lines, and other BS on their end. IE: They wait 24hrs to dispatch and problem fixed in 1hr!!! This is their standard procedure this year it seems I wait 1 day before anyone gets here and then they get here find the problem on the line toward town, fix it, and then refuse to payout for 30hrs or so down time ie: 1 month free.

Waiting to trench for my fiber! Cannot wait to have 20Mbit/20Mbit hehe.

Either option starting price $400-$550/mo.

I had another neighbor call me asking about it, not sure who gave him my # I think he mentioned it was ATT but maybe someone else?

I got tired of the support from the circuit re-sellers so I've actually become one myself, feel free to refer anyone to me who may want T1, Fiber, etc up here or anywhere in CA for that matter, and not just t1 or fiber but not really worth my effort/time unless we're talking $400+/mo type circuits.

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