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first off, awesome input, thanks.

Originally Posted by Mieser
I have a few things....

-I would check out far you want to mount lower arms at the axle. From my measurements that will be right in the middle of the kuckle past the axle flange ( depending on how wide your axles are ).
ill have to check measurements again, but i do believe that this puts the mount right next to the lower kingpin.
-Even with 38s your going to get some pretty good rubbing on your upper arms when turning. Mogs can turn about 40-45 degrees without too much trouble. More triangulation will help to move the arm in a little bit, but the pumkin is going to get in the way.
im actually planning to crank them closer to 50* if i can. the uppers might be tight and i can get some bends in there to help clear if needed. i think the lowers will be pretty clear. with the disc conversion i have on the axle, it has a large steering sweep. so the tire will be out a bit further, but it will probably make things worse as well.
-For 38s you are gonna have a TON of belly clearance. What kinda vehicle are these axles going on? Is it a full buggy or off of a stock frame? Your going to end up SUPER tall if its full body rig and your trying to get that much clearance under the middle. Plus, if you increase tire size in the future your gonna be even bigger. I would build around a little less belly clearance and a little bit bigger tire ( even if you aren't going to run them right away )
these are going under my 98 dodge ram. its a 2500 thats got a curb weight of about 7000 lbs. the frame mount measurements were taken from where the truck is sitting now with the dodge suspension/lift. i think i may be dropping the height down a tad when i mount the coilovers.
-Your COG number looks realistic....thats good.
thanks, went with the typical back of the camshaft point.
-Roll-axis sloping back is good. How much compression travel are you going to run? I would try for at LEAST 40% compression. Its hard with portals if your trying to keep overall height down.
ive got 16" coilovers and am planning to have 4-5" of bump travel. depends on how low i sit the ride height.
-Roll center height is HIGH. I like that, it makes the body roll a lot less when articulating. However if your rear roll center is lower your chassis will oversteer generally ( I say generally because spring rate and CoG distribution effects all this too ). I would shoot to keep the rear roll center at least the same if not slightly higher. I would rather has a slight bit of understeer than oversteer. This is all on-road, faster dirt road type stuff.
the rear is stock leaf setup for now. the packs seem to be handling the torque of the axle and not wrapping much, but i will be testing it more and more. not wanting to go into a truggy right now with the rear so leafs will be much easier. im not sure how to figure out the roll center of a leaf spring setup.
-Instant center X-axis is a bit short. Having it longer will help the chassis react softer when changing torque input. This is also a function of your Anti-squat numbers...but related.
ill play with it a bit more and see what i can come up with taking in all of yours and others suggestions.
ok.....I'll stop....it does look good though. The changes are all going to be less than an inch here and there.
if you got more suggestions and time to type it out, id love to have them. thanks again.
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