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Originally Posted by JR View Post
The PCA at best, would shave off, not 2 but .2 deg. BY 2100 ( if everything goes perfectly) according to one report by American Council for Capital Formation with support from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute but could cost the US economy $3 trillion and 6.5 million industrial sector jobs by 2040.

The drummed-up climate change hysteria is a wealth redistribution scam that is not about science but about economics. The PCA is a bad deal as far as cost-benefit analysis. You've been duped.
Imo the whole global warming climate change thing is a scam. When people aim to make serious money off of it to "save the world" should tell you right there it's a scam.

There should be regulations on pollution created by companies and vehicles but that needs to be reasonable also. There should be insensitives out there to create new cleaner reliable power also. But when people stand to makes billions of $$$ by just shuffling papers and running their mouth traps like al
Gore, it's a scam period. When the data is falsified and people are lied to and not allowed to question the results or debate them, it's a scam.

It's like anything else out there, if people can figure out a way to fawk you out of your money, they will do it. This whole ordeal is no different. fleece the public.
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