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Originally Posted by 87manche View Post
but if you turn it on and it keeps you from using the phone while driving, is that not common sense?

lots of studies have shown the phones/social media/texting have an effect on our brains like that of drugs.
The phone dings and your brain wants to look at it.

remove the dings, no more desire to fuck with it.

a simple voluntary restriction that solves a problem, how is that not common sense?
Common sense tells you not to fuck with shit while you are driving... Phone, radio, gps, food, maps... But if you are already a good driver then you do not do this.

Originally Posted by papee View Post
The sad thing about this is that the people who really need this feature installed will not use it. It's completely worthless unless a parent could activate it and it couldn't be unlocked by the user.
Ding ding ding! Johnny, what do we have for the winner???

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