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Originally Posted by sterlingfire View Post
Anyone saying to leave the room is fucking stupid....she's not holding her breathe you fucks, she's knocking the wind out of herself by hyperventilating. My daughter has done this multiple times after hurting herself. My wife called the ambulance when it happened to her the first time. I've had my daughter go limp in my arms 3 or 4 times. The only thing you can do is pat her back and tell her to breathe. The Dr confirmed my suspicion that she was starving herself of oxygen because she was crying so hard. The silent scream is her not having any air to make sound. On a side note, this is indeed my fourth child as well. She's very well mannered and has great temperament as well. Of all 4 kids she is the best behaved at this age. Your daughter is NOT doing this for attention. And i know how fucking scary this shit is. Having your baby in your arms limp like a wet noodle is the absolute WORST feeling in the world. You feel more helpless than in any other situation. Good luck man, my daughter started this about the same age as yours, and it's happened about 6 times so far. The Dr said she'll grow out of it. For the record, we took her to a neurologist just to be sure. They said it's common in this age group, and she'll grow out of it.
This. It's exactly what we've been told as well - she should grow out of it. We just haven't been to her doc yet as we just moved. I was just hoping there was something else you've been told as well.

Originally Posted by sterlingfire View Post
She's not choking
Not to mention that when you take infant cpr,the only thing to do for a child up to agree 5 or so is pat them on the back when they are choking....
Yeah, definitely not choking... just looked like it the first time.

I was referring to adults. IIRC, Heimlich for a kid is putting them face down on your hand (just above the belly button) and pushing on their back. Similar to CPR for a kid, but your front hand is in a different position (CPR on the sternum). Of course, now that I google it, they have a whole different thing than when I took the class. Looks like I need to do some reading.

I was always told to never pat someone on the back who is choking as it could lodge whatever it is worse.
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