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Originally Posted by ndsgr View Post
Good info on the turning colors. So far, she hasn't zonked out for more than a second.

Like I said, I've been through a lot of medical training in the last year (just in case you need a tourniquet or needle decompression, I'm your guy), but haven't reviewed kid stuff in a while. I may sign up for a class too.

My buddy, an ER doc, taught me how to patch them up with DermaBond (or Gorilla Glue) with a brush. Saved us a couple trips to urgent care for stitches.

She got away with a lot while I was gone (8 months) as the wife was dealing with 4 kids on her own. It wasn't zero disciple, just less than the others. That said, a lot of this is just her personality as well. She truly is an asshole. Also, she's the first kid that digs in her diaper... We have to be on that shit ASAP, pun really not intended.
The shit thingI've heard of it, but no experience. Gotta be shitty to deal with. I've been lucky though, my kids (while under 13) have all had pretty darn good behavior. Teenagers are a different animal thoughpun intended
Moms are Def easier on little ones then men are.
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... Well first off FUCK JEEPS..
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