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Thanks for the effort in your reply. It's definitely appreciated.

I'm just at the beginning of understanding exactly what goes on, so any hints, and direction is stimulating me on.

You've answered many questions, but also triggered some more.

It's not surprising that they'd make an effort to protect their software from easy manipulation, and having multi processors involved sure adds complexity (communicating to each other digitally, not analogue?), which probably then effects my next thought, which I haven't given a lot of yet.

Do you think the software engineers build-in sensing to know when all the analogue and digital data signal is being tapped and recorded (via all the individual wires)? And if they have, what would the program initiate, if anything?

Do you have any good links you could share for more information at the deeper tech end of ECM programming topic? I'm finding it hard to get anything real decent.

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