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I'll find the 8086 manual.

I've had the Arduino mega2560, with a kit of components, for a while now

It's the arduino that triggered the massive curiosity to understand and experiment with the bigger systems.

I haven't looked at it for 3 weeks, because wheeling, maintenance and mods have sucked up all my spare time.

Ahhh, that bad bad feeling of it seeming like a subject is far too foreign to ever be able to understand. It is incredibly humbling hey. Recently my entire mind was seriously all tangled up
trying to understand C language alone, still wil be. Oh the pangs of anxiety test resolve.

If I wasn't very interested in the topics, I would have thrown in the towel many times already. I had to seek some outside comfort and encouragement too, also got teary wondering if I had it in me.

But then, it starts to click as you say, one win at a time, one revelation at a time.

Similar to physical exercise hurting your body, trying to understand something new hurts the brain. The harder more complex the subject the more it hurts.
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