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Reviving this thread. Hopefully to spark some further discussion on the matter.

I am finishing up a 3.4 swap with the a340/inchworm/4.7. I was previously plagued with atf starvation when the rig was pointed at the sky. I had recently made a flat plate rear pan and blocked off those lower galleys entirely so fluid couldn't go back into the cavity at all.

Well after getting everything together and running the motor and allowing the fluid to make its way throughout the trans, I checked my plug on the rear flat pan, and noticed there was fluid in there! So I sacrificed some atf and pulled the rear flat plate off while the motor was running. I inspected and saw that fluid is fed in to the cavity along the output shaft of the a340h right near the rotor for your magnetic speed sensor.

So in entirely blocking off those lower galleys the fluid feeds in along the output shaft of the trans, and then has nowhere to feed back through causing it to just fill that empty cavity.

Has anyone else entirely blocked those lower galleys and experienced this?

Also, does anyone know if one of those 3 oil tubes in the trans pan feeds up to provide the fluid that passes along the output shaft to the tcase section?

And one last FYI, there is another passage hidden up closer to the output shaft near the speed sensor rotor. It feeds between the trans and that cavity as well. So if you were stood up on your tail enough times, fluid would make its way back through this route as well (unless you blocked it off too, of course).

Appreciate any input! Thanks.
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