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Originally Posted by COcamper View Post
I have followed this thread from the start and I'm finally taking action... I quit drinking for 3+ years, from 2007-2010 and felt great. Decided one evening to just have one drink with my wife (who never did stop), well we all know how that goes. 7 years later and I realize I'm going down the wrong path in life. We drunks are stubborn, but it's finally gotten to a point I have to do something.

I have had at least 6-8 drinks every night for the past 5+ years, not a single night off. Last night I had 3 drinks over the course of 4 hours, a significant reduction. Like the poster above me, I was drinking too much to stop cold turkey, as I know that can be very dangerous. My goal tonight is "only" 2 drinks and see how I feel and sleep. If all goes well, my end goal is to not have anything to drink by the end of the week.

I've been down this road before, I know to take one day at a time, days become weeks, weeks become months, months become years...

I posted this to have another place to be held accountable. I really do appreciate all the support the fine "assholes" of this site provide!!!
Yes, I am quoting myself... I posted the above post on 1/10/2017, even in that post I mentioned how stubborn "us" drunks can be! Well, a little over a year later, I finally said enough is enough. I had my last drink on 1/15/2018, I quit cold turkey as I knew that was the only way I could do it. I tried to cut back for over a year, and it didn't work.

Today is day 11 without a single drop of alcohol. I won't lie, as most know, those first 2-3 nights were hell. I wake up each morning feeling better and better and look at each day as a new beginning. As I stated in my quote above, I take each day as it comes, knowing I will be stronger the next morning. Soon it will be 2 weeks, soon after, a month, then multiple months, and so on.

I know I'm at an extreme risk of falling back into my old ways, I've been down this road before and it's a life long battle, but one I am determined to be in charge of, instead of it being in charge of me.

I'll report back in around 2/15 when I hit the one month mark. Thanks again for any and all support, you really are all the best bunch of internet "assholes" a guy could lean on for support!

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