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I sprayed Raptor on the inside of my GPW tub approx. 5 yrs. ago, a very easy product to use, lots of stink for about 3 days while curing, but it came out with a perfect uniform hard texture.............
5 years later... my mufflers were about 1" from the bottom of the tub on both sides, the Raptor lifted and flaked off in the shape of the mufflers, and I'm sure with a putty knife I could just flake a few more inches off before I would find good adhesion. Around my cage mounts where there is a little flex the Raptor has cracked and lifted. This was a brand new reproduction tub, no rust, I prepped the tub with brake clean and a scotch bright. I do use the rig a lot, Rubicon 15+ times a year. My opinion, have your tub Line-X'd or Rhino Lined and never have to deal with it again. I'm going to have my new project Rhino-Lined in 2 weeks. The Line-X has a hard textured feel. The Rhino-Liner has a softer rubber texture which I like. I have emailed for quotes but no replies yet. My truck was $400.00 to have Line-X'd. Tim
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