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Today is day 31, or the 1 month mark... Not a single drop of booze since 1/15/2018, and I have no intentions of having another.

Each day is a new day, but each day starts a hell of lot easier not being hungover or sleep deprived!

I've gotten more shit done in the last few weeks than I have the last few years.

Instead of just sitting around having drink after drink with my wife, I now find myself motivated to do something- I've just about finished cleaning and organizing my 2+ car garage/shop from top to bottom that has been collecting stuff for the last 14 years (found all sorts of shit I knew I had, but wasn't sure exactly where it was!). I added LED light fixtures throughout the area, wow, what a difference that makes! I also added LED light fixtures to our unfinished basement and I'm in the process of organizing all the crap down there and throwing out/donating what hasn't been touched in years. I've knocked off I don't know how many "honey-dos" that have been needing attention, but I used to always find an excuse to put them off- fixing light fixtures, leaking faucet, slow draining drains, cleaned out our office of clutter, etc.

Just got all new fluids for my vehicles and will be doing the diffs, transfer cases, and transmissions this weekend, also replacing some shocks on my daughters SUV and other preventive maintenance that I've been putting off.

I know it's early in the process, but each day gets easier and each day I feel better, sleep better, and get more stuff done.

Thanks again for the support and encouragement. I'll check back in at the 3 month mark, for now, here's to another day of sobriety...
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