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9 February 2018

Info for all followers:
1. The cabin is in a workshop 13k south of my office
2. The chassis is in a secret workshop (hidden behind a 12 foot high fence) 5k from my office and is on the way home lol. Its a great place to drop in at 7pm on way home from work and see all the PINZGAUERS and my VOlvo in there.
3. The Engine/gearbox/Axle conversion and restoration work etc is all done in a my long time 4x4 Toyota professors workshop 30k north of my home

Got this picture of the Volvo from the Cabin shop after much hounding as the shop was always closed and they did not answer calls etc for progress. They have not made much progress.

I called into the shop earlier that day and got the myanmar worker who speaks little english. I saw little progress.

They rung me and said they wanted another 7 months to finish the cabin. I told them they have 2. What they don't know is if I don't see progress in the next month im going to get it myself and do the work in the secret workshop. I hvae indicated to them I want to see progress I cannot wait.
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