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...man why do I always come across the weird shit. okay....so when I got this Ford D60 into the shop and started to take it apart, I'd have swore the spindle assembly was aiming down just slightly...but I figured it was just the booze. Anyway when I took it all apart I pulled off the spindle, then the dust shield, then the caliper bracket, then the spacer - this spacer looked just like any other 1/8" spacer and I figured it was a factory spacer and didn't think twice about it. Then I'm taking a closer look and I realize the spacer is tapered...and it WAS aiming the spindle assembly down.....so good I'm not crazy.

Is this an aftermarket shim...or factory?...to make up for a super heavy snow plow option or something?? I checked the tube/housing with a laser and it isn't bent...but do I need to keep it in there? I don't want extra camber - I want my tires flat against the ground.

If I remove it will I need another spacer to retain proper axle shaft -to- spindle geometry? - I'd imagine so.

I've actually decided to swap out the Ford brakes and brackets in lieu of the Lugnut4x4 Chevy 3/4-ton hardware, so I've contacted them to ask their thoughts.

it is the first part to touch the mating face of the knuckle -

02 Dakota QuadCab 4x4 - 440/46rh/Atlas4/D60/14B/40" Toyos (...in work...)

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