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word on the Dakota-Durango forum is I can replace my existing PCM (for an automatic-equipped truck) with a PCM from a manual trans truck, which will essentially 'decomputerize' the existing 46RE harness without throwing codes, then replace the 46RE with a 46RH, wire up the OD and LU on toggle switches, and the transmission will then have a non-computer-controlled 1-2-3 with the OD and LU on toggles - just the way I want it, and no possibility for 'limp mode'. I may do the mod sooner instead of waiting for SAS time...

My homework is to determine if the converters are the same between a 46RH and RE, and I think the RH is a tad longer so I'll need to modify both drive shafts. I'll also need to figure out what to do with the NSS and backup lights...but all of that is completely cool with me if I can truly gain a non-computer-controlled transmission with NO possibility of going into limp mode...
02 Dakota QuadCab 4x4 - 440/46rh/Atlas4/D60/14B/40" Toyos (...in work...)

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