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Originally Posted by dethmachinefab View Post
Excavate, clean, spray waterproofing. Then install drainboard to wall. Put in two footing drains, one below footing height and one sitting on footing. Cover in stone and cover with filter fabric. Then backfill with more stone agaisnt wall. A curtain drain further from the house will make a huge difference by catching that water before it geta to the house.

This is what i did to stop a major groundwater issue with clay soil in my house. Was put in when i did foundation though, so it was easy. 8-10k would be paying someone to do all the work. I think ive got mine done under 5k.

Revisiting this: would you still spray the concrete in waterproofing and put the insulation board over that and then wrap the insulation board with some type of waterproof membrane?

Or not spray the waterproofing on the concrete, just install the insulation board and wrap in membrane?

Iím thinking that you donít want the insulation board sandwiched between two waterproofed items.
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