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Originally Posted by Screwzer2 View Post
In my mind, you'd use both. Search YouTube for "Matt Risinger" and check out some of his foundation videos. He's got a lot of good building science behind him.

What I was thinking for your project was a ~30 Mil Bitchathane sheet, and/or a fluid applied coating to seal the wall. The dimple matts purpose is to provide a drainage plane to the French Drain so you aren't relying on the Bituthene alone to hold back the water pressure.

The idea is to relieve the pressure by draining water away, vs. creating a dam where water backs up accumulating and saturating the soil at the "dam" we'll call your foundation.

You already realize there's water pressure. Water is getting though your concrete wall. That doesn't happen by capillary action alone.

I’ll check out those videos after the kiddos go to bed tonight, but I have a strong preference to forums. I can skim while reading, can’t do that with videos easily

What I’ve found for the waterproofing agent is this: https://webbsonline.com/Item/22602

I’d need $3600 worth of it to just get the bare minimum 2 coats on, which blows my budget. I was expecting/hoping for half of that. I’m sure there are other products with better coverage for less but I’m just not finding it. I had looked into the bithuthene sheets, but with the primer, tape, etc to install it there isn’t much of a savings there. I’d also much rather have a liquid to apply as I feel the end result is more reliable.

My current plan then is after excavation and pressure washing, is to apply 2 coats of that liquid rubber, insulation, dimpled membrane, socked drain tails 6” below the footing sill, clearstone up 2’, another run of socked drain tile, and clear stone the rest of the way to 6” below the wood sill (top of insulation). The clearstone will be 18-24” wide with filter fabric between the clearstone and ground.

@wallysheata, I poked around there and am not finding a whole lot of what I’m looking for specifically and a whole lot of smoke rolling out the ears information for literally everything I’ll have to dig around that website when it’s slow at work for future projects.

Can anyone verify that the current plan makes sense? Cheaper products? Better products? Cut back on the width of clearstone?
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