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Originally Posted by Screwzer2 View Post
To save money on your plan, use a bitchithane membrane instead of fluid applied, except where needed at footing etc. most brands have a sheet and fluid applied variant that are comatoble
I looked into that too, but after finding this: http://www.appliedtechnologies.com/h...rproofing.html I don't see saving much more money than just spraying this on ($793 versus $3600). However, I did put some emails out asking for quotes for https://www.homedepot.com/catalog/pd...611ef76a8d.pdf.

I also talked to a few contactors that said 18-24" of clearstone is ridiculous and 12" is more than enough.

There's also mixed feelings on the dimpled membrane. There's been a few contractors saying it's not needed, but it won't hurt anything. The rigid insulation board with taped seams will do the job of keeping any water pressure off the sprayed membrane on the block foundation, so really all that's needed is something to protect the foam board. So I'm on the fence about that now, however I like the idea of the dimples allowing water to drain, but I'm not sure how that'll hold up to the weight of the clearstone and fille pushing against it. I don't see there being much of a standoff left.
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