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Drove to Tucker, GA the other day and picked up some new to me wheels. A set of MT Classic 2s in the 15x8 flavor. Called the tire shop down the road and they quoted $25 per tire to mount my 37s. I decided to do it myself and about an hour and a half later I was done, I was a sweaty beat mule, but I was done.

I've also been drilling a crap-ton of holes lately, trying to get all of the armor mounted up. Stout Fabrication out in Vegas bent up my corners out of 6061 aluminum. I couldn't find anyone semi local to do it so I gave them a call. It was a custom order, just blanks, no holes, and done right the first time. Saved me money, time and materials. I didn't want full side armor, just trail corners, has kind of a nostalgic feel to it.

Progress shots. As it sits right now with the 37s mounted, I'm looking at 21" of clearance to the flat belly. Top of the rear corner is 47.5" and the top of the cage will be 71.5". Those numbers are without the cage mounted. The weight of the cage will probable drop those heights by about an inch.

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