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Originally Posted by DirtyComanche View Post
The fuck?

You can replace an A pillar on those fairly easily.

Chances are very little damage was done anyways, but it was reported since it was fairly new then and they wanted the paint fixed properly.

Rear ended and drove away? Who gives a fuck, as long as they didn't tear the hitch mounts out of the unibody it's fine, most likely they reported it because it either needed a new bumper cover or because the idiot that hit them crumpled their hood like an accordion and was making a claim.

People like DJ are why I hate selling older previously enjoyed vehicles. You're going to nitpick a fucking Carfax for something that's being sold for $2700? Get the fuck off my property before I add another 'accident' to the report.
Hah how many times have you been plowed hard in the rear end?, but I get your point... my xj has more damage from offroad antics than most folks will ever see on the road & it has a clean carfax!
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