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Thursday 26 April 2018

Finally after weeks of trying to get hold of the cabin workshop and several visits to see if they were open along with others dropping in to see if he was open he finally answered a message - he did not ring etc.

I made an appointment for a progress update. Thursday 12.30pm

YES - he is open

I look at progress and realise he has done not one thing since we last inspected the cabin on 17 March. I make a decision - it's coming out. A frantic set of phone calls and i finally got a flatbed tow truck. They offer me the cardboard templates but in the end I saw they were not loaded up into my trusty Isuzu.

I contact the Chassis shop tell them it's coming in soon.

Meantime we load it into the tow truck and the last paying customer leaves the workshop. WIth no workers and all 4 current paying customers gone (still owed their deposits etc) and future customers being wanred off on FB the future looks bleak.

Finally 3.30pm its unloaded at the Chassis shop

A quick walkaround reveals the amount of panel work I have decided to do myself to do once I'm back on my feet. Meantime I can comedown and start identifying all the issues and prepare new templates and draw up the final plan for this monster. In all honesty I do not know when I will be back on my feet I have failed another hospital heart checkup.

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