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Saturday 29 April 2018

Visit to the Chassis/Cabin workshop to draw up a detailed chassis plan.

I have been doodling away on the design of Volvo 2 and its looking like this, now I need to get this onto a proper scale drawing.

Crikey it's a struggle just to walk back and forth to the desk to write down the measurements the heart goes nuts.

Once the measurements are taken it's time for a really close inspection of the cabin in the bright light.

There are 31 separate areas on the top half which need attention either a dolly hammer or just welding up holes all of which can be fixed up quite easily just time will be 3-4 days.A couple of area need cutting out and new pieces welded in,, We can get these laser cut before hand and just weld them in.

Then there is the cabin bottom. its a lot worse than I thought we go through marking issues areas. Andrew asks how much for a cabin from Sweden I tell him. He says buy it this will be constant draw up laser cut trial fit/bend then recut and oh more to cut and the wages cost will be huge.

So I contact Tatanka on FB they reply in less than 30 minutes. yes we still have the cabin we will get a shipping cost for you to Malaysia.

Left side of cabin areas marked for repair.

Middle of cabin areas marked for repair.

Right side of cabin areas marked for repair.

Then its time for home once the rain stops and Zing the ever growing puppy will not sit still for a picture

During the week I went for the Heart check but not as I expected I was sitting in the hospital peeing blood when I got the heart check lol. However, the heart is improving and now sits in the 70's which is much better than 150 range and is becoming more rythmical again.It's still got a way to go to get back to the 52 resting range which it was for about 30 years. A change of dosage and the blood stops and i'm released. Lol they call this good news.
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