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Originally Posted by RWassink View Post
When I rebuilt by 5.3 with a Texas speed cam and flat top pistons for more compression I instantly noticed it was running hotter. I tried a bigger fan, bigger radiator and I didn't notice much of a difference. It would stay around 210 as long as I didn't beat on it for a while. I then switched to a JK fan set up with a MUCH better shroud than I had and it made a noticeable difference. Still would get hot when I hammered down for long periods of time but nothing that concerned me. I now have a dual derale fan set up that will push 3750 cfm but I have yet to test it out

Running on the lean side will make it run hotter as well. Did you replace injectors or are they still the factory 6.0 ones?

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It's on the fat side. I prefer to be safe. I did replace the injectors with larger. As well I run an afr gauge in my dash to make sure I don't lean it out.
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