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Chevy vs Ford 60, 205 vs 261hd

I'm still collecting parts and mentally planning for a SAS on my Duramax, and I've been tossing back and forth between a Chevy 60 and 205 (which I already have), and a 78-79 Ford 60 and keeping the floor shift 261hd.

This is going to be on leafs, using ORDs new mounts for GMT800 8lugs - hence the axle choices. It's a crew cab short bed manual truck, I don't see getting into extreme rock crawling with it... but you never know. I'm more interested in just a solid all around go anywhere adventure truck. Planning on 37" tires

The pros/cons of the Chevy 60/205
- already have the axle, 4.56s, crossover arm, and modified/twin stick 205
- 205 can get a doubler/magnum/eco box in the future if needed or wanted
- probably more expensive to build up, need a 29 spline input for 205 + adapter ring + vss machining
- only big brake option is the dodge rotor/caliper, more expensive than big brakes on the Ford axle by keeping the 2500hd calipers
- no option for keeping tone ring and abs
- not sure I really need a twin stick 205 for my application, or 3 shifters in the floor for this rig... but already have it
- less gearing than the 261
- some of the Duramax forum guys say the 205 is weak and won't hold up with the torque and low gearing, I'm assuming the comments come from sled pull trucks that have tried them and cracked cases

The pros/cons of Ford 60/261
- can keep the 261 and just do a pump rub kit and save $$ on adapters/input
- more "bolt in", don't need to cut up floor or mess with cross members
- big brakes can reuse a lot of the parts off the current ifs
- tone ring to keep abs
- need to scrap current process on collecting parts and start all over
- probably need gears for the 60 too

Would like to get input on which direction to go, and probably things I haven't thought of

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