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Originally Posted by Bad Coco View Post
I was contacted by someone that helped one of the Rubithon participants, possibly named Pete. He let one of you borrow a hi-lift jack. If it was you please contact me at 530-401-0800 so we can see about getting his jack back to him.

Below is from his email. I am not posting his phone number here, but will share wtih you if you have his jack. Lets get this back thi him ASAP please!

"I just spoke to you on the phone about the lost high lift. The guy was driving a green/ olive colored older land cruiser. He broke all the passenger side high steer arm studs coming down the hill before soup bowl on Friday, June 22nd probably around noon. I let him borrow my high lift and he said he was camping at Buck. I never found him. I was told his name was Pete but I donít know for sure. My name is Zack Gallivan..."
I think the person you're looking for is Pete Williamson from energy suspension. I don't know them at all other than from helping fix and limp the RSO land cruiser down to camp on Saturday. I think they were traveling together, so contacting rock solid offroad would be another way to find out who it was.

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