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Originally Posted by Joe_W View Post
speaking of broadening horizons...y
Yep. Read that over the weekend. Good article.

...and while I spoke admiringly of Norway, etc., I recognize some of the issues that exist, and how that form of government is best done in smallish countries.

Applied in the U.S., I'd see this sort of government more appropriate for states vs. the feds to pursue (in the most general philosophical sense). It seems to me there's an appropriate scale, that would be pretty much defined by state borders.

States are far better equipped to maintain accountability (or lose in elections for lack of it) than our Federally elected representatives.

To a degree we have that, and I applaud efforts to move further towards states self-defining their cultures.

If West Virginia prefers low taxes and an ignorant population of opioid addicts, that's their call.

Likewise, if a state wishes to tax themselves into oblivion (New York), I'm sure other states will welcome their industries.

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