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Originally Posted by H8DWINGS View Post
3 weeks this morning. We went to a family dinner last night and I told my wife I noticed how much some people had drank, or were drinking, on a Sunday and while being around them didn't bother me I wouldn't notice it if I was drinking with them. It also might be helping my running because I was able to get 7 miles in this morning before making breakfast.

It really hasn't bothered me to not drink. Maybe I'm a special snowflake, or maybe I'm just lucky. Friday was a bad day all around and I made it through just knowing I'd gone almost three weeks without drinking, this day was coming, and if I quit now I'm going off the deep end and tomorrow will HURT. All because I had a bad day and I threw a hissy fit/pitty party. It's like Bill Cosby said in his standup. "We work had all day to do this. We deserve this. We've earned it" in reference to getting throwing up after drinking too much. I kind of don't miss waking up sore every single morning. I'll deal with waking up at 2 or 3 am a little better than red eyed and slow almost any day at this point. Plus it's still funny to joke about.

"Know what sounds great right about now? -- beers."
Good job H8DWINGS! Keep on keeping on... You mentioned Friday was a "bad day", great job fighting through. There will be more days like that, and there will always be the next day where you, and only you, can celebrate the victory. I had a "bad weekend", but I knew today was coming and today is the start of my 32nd week without, and even though it's Monday, I woke up feeling great and ready to attack the day.
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