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measuring electrical use

Have an apartment upstairs of the shop.

It's been rented out for ~3 years. Lately shop power bill has been $400+/month, where it's usually around $250. Have talked to them several times, as well as did a walk through and nothing seemed out of ordinary.
Last winter had a $700 bill when they plugged in trucks 24/7 plus were running g electric heaters for some reason.

We've gone as far as putting in LED bulbs (had old 8ft magnetic ballast lights). Occasional air compressor and welder use, 1 fridge, computer, printer, water heater, otherwise just the lights and some power tools.

The apartment shares a sub panel with part of the shop (building is on 3 subpanels... it started out 30years ago as a little 2 story cabin, now is about 5000 Sq ft)

Without rewiring and setting up a meter, ideas how to measure power usage?

We want to do for example, 300 kw/hr included in rent, anything over tenant pays for.

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