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Originally Posted by nate379 View Post
The apartment has 7 or 8 circuits though.

Looked into the "sense" but it only has 2 clamps.

Dang you guys are quick, I was replying to the first post.
exactly, the only feasible way to do it is to sub panel the apartment and install a meter in between your panel and theirs.

there's no easy way to measure the KWH usage of 7 or 8 110V circuits.

look at it this way, if it costs you $500 to rewire it into it's own subpanel one time, and it saves you 1K this winter when they're ballin with space heaters, what's your loss here?

Leviton makes a bunch of clamp on 220V meters for this exact purpose. They're like $150 bucks. They are even remote readable if you want, so your tenants can have the numbers in their apartment and can't claim they didn't know how much wattage they were using.
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