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So, for some reason I donít have nearly as many pictures putting the brackets together as I thought I did. After getting all the holes drilled it was pretty straight forward though.

I bolted the joints in using some cardboard on either side. Lined up the other pieces and tact it together. I tig welded most of the brackets during the semester. Mostly because I find tig welding fun. Though once I got on semester break and this project needed to get Finished I pulled the mig out. I ended up capping all my tig welds with the mig... just to be safe and to fill the outside corner joints.

To weld up the lower link mounts I mounted the bracket on the truck, and drove it around to my little apartment garage. Incase you donít know I did all this in the parking lot of my apartment complex lol.

I wanted to ensure the top of the lower mount was perfectly flush on the frame so I figured tacking it up while on the truck would be best for figment.

Since I wanted to keep the welding semi low key I put a blanket up to block he view from other residence. Out of sight out of mind right? Is so did this after the front office went home for the day. Lol thankfully I missed the security guard on his rounds too.

Overall I was pretty happy with how they turned out. This is one of the mounts holding up half of the truck so I think they will be strong enough.

So about two year ago I was at @guidolyons house and we took a 37Ē tire off his power stroked scout to put on my truck. I donít have any pictures of this but my main issue was clearance between the tire and the rear corner of the fender. Knowing this going into the build I knew I wanted to push the front axle forward. I originally did not plan on changing the stock track bar at this point... but I was starting to get nervous about pushing the front axle forward with it. Looking around I figured I would be ok an inch or so but didnít want to risk it. One impulse buy later I had all the stuff needed to put one together.

Some of you hinted that my stuff looks like the dodge off road stuff... well I have been drooling over one of his track bars for about 4 years now. Iím sure yíall can guess what the track bar design is gonna look like. I feel slightly guilty.... but there are not really a lot of other good mounting options imho.

I drew up a thought design in cad. I had a general idea what I wanted to use for mounting points. I used a few measurements from these points to get my cad design close. From there, I threw a piece of plywood in the laser cutter and got a test piece cut out to see how it would fit in the frame. Using 1/4Ē plywood works great for checking 1/4Ē steel fitment.

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