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Originally Posted by WILLD420 View Post
Studs work really good on the ice that gets under a lot of trails and on the roads getting to the trails. They also help a lot when the rocks get all wet and slimy under the snow.

I've run chains in the snow when it wasn't too deep. They really helped but they dig. When it's only 2 feed deep, they really work great. When it's 6 feet deep, they only work if someone has made tracks that froze over hard then turned too slick to get any traction on.

I know a lot of guys make fun of snorkels but in your case, it sure would have been a nice addition.

If you aren't afraid of cutting the fenders, I think bigger tires would really help you. The difference between 35's which most brands only measure around 33" tall and a set of real 37's is a lot. That's 2" more under the diff and a huge difference in contact patch.

I'm working on some ideas for mine but my other half keeps telling me to fix the snowcat so we can wheel more and winch less...
I was thinking of 37s. Iíve already tubbed the inner fenders to fit the 35s and it would basically be a no go to fit 37s without having my caster adjusted like all the way forward, and maybe tubbing again. But 37s would be pretty rad...probably be 1Ē wider and and length of the contact patch would be significant as well. Maybe Iíll pickup some 37s to see if I can squeeze em in that would probably be pretty capable. I have dual cases so gearing on the trail wouldnít be a big issue.
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