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Originally Posted by zr2.jd View Post
Asshole level 4. Selfish level 9.7. Not the kids fault they got bad luck. You might have the opportunity to make three good citizens and a lot of love and good vibes for you. If they were neighbors or strangers I could understand but blood relatives you gotta try. I wouldn’t give a second thought. Yep it’ll suck for a while but the return may be spectacular
Or he might have the opportunity to spend 10 more years of his life miserable and broke instead of enjoying a part of the very limited amount of time we all have on this earth.... May not be the kid's fault, but doesn't mean he should have any obligation to pick up the pieces of the sister in law's failures either.

At the end of the day do what you think is right. Not something any of us can decide for you. The question I'd ask is which would be worse... dealing with possibly POS kids for 10+ years or feeling guilty that you could have helped them but didn't (combined with possibly being hated by your wife). Hard place to be.

Being honest about it all is important, and kudos to you for being willing to ask on here and admit/talk about it.
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