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Originally Posted by LeadfootCJ7 View Post
My buddy and his wife have been trying to foster to adopt for years. They came and met with them several times. Full background checks on them and all of their family who might be around. They did and interview with me and itjust friends. I thought it was a referral interview, but quickly realized it was more.

His wife had a 2010? Acura TL, he has a spotless 2 door 90's Tahoe/ Blazer and a couple of Corvettes. One classic that was his Grandfather's and a C6 Grand Sport. They flat out told him that his Blazer was too old because it didn't have airbags up to their standards (even though the age they were talking about isn't allowed in the front seat). His wife's TL was borderline and they said he really needed to buy his wife a new car and gave him a list of safety ratings and things it should have. Not a deal breaker, but would "move them down the list" if they didn't. He was also told any child could never fisse in either Corvette even if he turned the passenger airbag off in the C6. As I recall he had to sign a certified document for them on this. His wife's car was hot and totaled a few weeks later so she got the new car. They were still told he needed to sell his Blazer and get something else, not just get a new car. They want it gone. He told them he would do it as soon as they got the call, but they had already jumped through too many hoops and hadn't even been close to getting a foster. It's been 2 years, they still haven't gotten a call. He makes good $, his wife stays away home, new 5 bedroom house in gated neighborhood in good suburb. However, they claim they can't find good homes for kids. Complete BS.
100% agreed. The adoption process is a nightmare and it's why so many end up going through Russia or China to adopt. It's literally easier and cheaper to adopt a kid from the other side of the planet than one from right down the street.
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