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29 December 2018

After a frustrating period of off road charity work and broken annual leave getting called back to the office twice when less than 100k from the lake with your boat on the back is no fun).
A jungle fishing trip in THailand which resulted in a trip to the hospital for 5 days
Tossing the timing belt on my new 80 Series Landcruiser hence causing massive damage and many other incidents its been a frustrating non-holiday.
Volvo work has slowed till they sort out the pesky PINZ which is still causing huge manpower issues 3 times the transfer case has been removed and replaced and now it needs to come out again as they cannot find the errant bearing - ME I think it's a bearing in the rear DIFF in the PINZ SPINE.

So back to the Volvo we have stripped the power steering off the Volvo so we can do the inspection, Saturday morning was spent getting the remaining seats for the Volvo. The distances in KL aare causing huge logistics issues rounding up components. THen off to the local hydraulic shop to get hose made to go from power steering pump back into resivoir. He saw me coming and charged me more than double the IPOH costs for a hydraulic hose.

Calculations for the power steering pump and the steering column unit and the hydarulic ram are also being done to see where the issue is. I have already found the washers on the banjo bolt are .6mm too thick resulting in lost throughput on the hose.

Seat belts were fitted. Remaining 2 steats fitted then I realised I had bought 4 narrow and 4 wide seats and the wide ones are also taller - oops.

A test run still has the gear change issues - we think the bend put in the linklage is causing some issues - further investigation is required.
Also the issue of HI/LO from the same gear lever (R/1/2/3/4/HI/LO on the gear lever) and leaving the truck in LO is still being investigated we think the BENT linkage is the issue. I'm looking at a electric servo arm to go HI/NEUTRAL/LO and eliminate the gear lever change. We are also going to explore CABLE linkage change and dispense with the linkage arm.

I also need to find out why it looses a small amount of coolant from the radiator each week.

We have the HORN and Brake issue to fix then it can now go for inspection.

Then it was time for the Volvo to earn it's keep as a stepladder.

Seatbelt connection.

Rear seats all fitted but now I need to do some moving and matching.

The cabin is a mess while I wait for the now late gear lever cover.

A short video of the VOlvo moving back into its kennel.

Volvo 1 - Expedition Vehicle - Volvo 2 - Hoon Truck
Volvo 4 - Hoon truck
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