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Originally Posted by BioHazard2222 View Post
Provience, so what sort of joints did you end up using? and do you have much noise/vibration transmitted thru them?
mostly Low Range Offroad Flex joints, weld on cartridge style for one end and thread in style for the other. huh, they just show their large size on the website now. but they have the smaller size currie joints in stock.

I've also got some ruff stuff heims that i'm using.

as far as noise, with proper grease and servicing, the joints won't be any louder than the coilovers or exhaust or sheet metal or engine or tires, so i'm not really worried about it. IF noise is a problem, then that is treated on the inside of the car with heavy sound deadner, carpet and trim instead of just thin aluminum.

this is about as close a picture as i can get from my build that show the different joints. i

Originally Posted by thedirtman View Post
Not sure how you are building a street legal rig with a double triangulated front suspension? I don't think it can be done.
why not? in this crazy world of electronic steering and hydraulic steering there is no need for a mechanical link from the frame to the tie rod, so you don't "need" to run a panhard/3-link


link to 49CFR concerning steering
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