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Originally Posted by thedirtman View Post
Not sure how you are building a street legal rig with a double triangulated front suspension? I don't think it can be done.

2"x.25" wall is overkill for your uppers 1.75x1.20 wall is enough since they don't take any hits. I would base joints on your shock travel. Typically bushings are good for about 10" of travel then you get pretty good bind and wear. Metal cloaks joint will give you more misalignment but cost the same as a johnny joint.

If you are looking to save money and use bushings, the JK and JL factory bushings are a pretty good bushing and you can find take off control arms everywhere that you could repurpose the joints.

5/8" bolts just raise the costs an a good grade 8 9/16" is fine.
Thanks Dirt Man, I haven't heard that having triangulated front was not able to be made street legal, do you know why that is? or what it is that makes it not legal?

Thanks again!!
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