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Restart the flaming. Truck is still in pieces, but next up. Shop has been tied up with work and other paying projects.

Originally Posted by GRMhick View Post
I went the diamond route 10 years ago on 35’s. Other than one pinion gear, I still haven’t broken them. I am extremely happy with these axles.

With that said, I couldn’t get an 05+ sd 60 for a reasonable price 10 years ago. All things being equal, I’d strongly consider a 60.
Really like the way your truck is set up. Kind of why i decided to go the route im going.

Originally Posted by KyTrash View Post
which axles did you choose to build ?
Toyota 8" decided just to build what i have and get going. Already way too much invested in the engine.

Dually full float Toyota rear. With BJ60 hubs its 61.5". Thought about starting a thread because theres a lot of misinformation out there on it.

Bought a couple axle sleeves (what cruiser guys call them). Theyre 2.650" long and meant to make a 40 housing 60 width. Itll make a mini housing 61.5" wide on stock hubs.

Yukon grizzly are $450 shipped each. RCVs are $775. Steering and such is $600. ARP 7/16" hubs studs all around.

I'll see what breaks and go from there. After seeing what rustynails truck has done (yes i know hes on 9.5s) and considering im NOT racing. It should hold.
Im not happy, until youre not happy.

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