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Originally Posted by XJben View Post
A used Volvo? Ha.
I hear that quite a bit.

but I've got an 04 that was purchased 3 years and 40K ago in my driveway. It's never broken down or left us stranded, and it's been running 12PSI of boost (twice the factory tune) for the last two years.

my wife drives it daily. If she can't hurt it, no one with any mechanical sympathy can. She gives no fucks. Oh it's -10 and there's 12" of snow on the road? let me just fire it up and immediately hit 3 gears pulling out of the driveway in the snow. <- true story, watched her do it two weeks ago.

whiteblocks are solid. the aisin trans MAY become a problem, but they were fixed after 03, mostly. unless you neglect it, they are fine.
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