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Originally Posted by Robe View Post
Second that! Whats todays recipe?

Im running a hydro assist setup with the following ingredients:
3 link with panhard.
8 degrees of caster.
Jeep YJ OEM power steering box, taped with 1/8" NPT.
PSC DE ram 2.25x1.125.
PSC pump, large reservoar: https://www.pscmotorsports.com/95-06...-pump-kit.html
Cooler on low pres side.

It has power but not quick enough and I would also like to have less turns lock/lock.

My plan:
- Astro box with longer pitman and do your free float mod to it and use it as a manual steering box.
- Howe modified Sweet valve, #725, with a 200 spring.
- Howes bypass valve, HOW2251101.
- Keep my PSC pump.

What do you think, would it be a good start or is there any errors you can catch directly?

I appreciate all your knowledge, thanks for sharing!

/Robin, from Sweden.

IMG_2709 by Robin Vesterlund, on Flickr
That parts list will get you exactly what we're running except your gearbox will be on the inside of the frame instead of the outside. You'll most likely have to move your steering box to get a forward facing pitman arm orientated to play nice with the rest of your suspension. The astro box will almost cut your turns lock to lock in half.

The strength of the steering will be the same but the wheels turn much quicker and be easier to steer.
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