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The 4500 steering that won a national points Championship

If Iím following along correctly:

Iím currently running an Astro van box, matched custom Pittman arm to 60 hi steer arm length.

1.75ĒSE ram.

Drilled and spring modded stock tc style yj pump. Big huge cooler and filter.

Planning for a redo of the front and want to fix the steering at the same time.

I need more power in high load slow speed, and quicker reaction at higher speed stuff.

I can do a scout 2 box, to get it outside the frame rail and still have forward swing?

If sourced from PSC , it will be quicker than a stock replacement scout 2 box?

Put Astro van internals in scout box?

Iím currently drilled and tapped in the regular diy Saginaw location.

If I do the free float piston to the scout box with Astro internals, add the sweet servo, and swap to a double ended ram or larger SE ram, that would be a good start?

Thinking about one of Scott trimarcos gear pumps with external relief.

Any specific posts or threads to find that detail the free float piston mod, and welding the torsion bar in the scout/Astro box to turn it into a ďmanualĒ box?

Running leafs now, but going to a 3 link with panhard, and cutting the front frame off.

Application is trail jeep on stickies with some prerunning on the lakebed, with some street/beach time in the summer.

Thanks in advance.

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