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kinda sucks youre going in the winter. Ill be there in june. I went for a few days a couple years ago and everything awesome i did was outdoors. Except for one thing. If youre into heavy metal stop by this brewery:


Its small, but the beer is fucking awesome. They only serve the beer in onsite.

Also, buy a t-shirt while you are there. I wear mine to out to similar events and people stop me all the time and interrogate me as to whether ive actually been there or not. As in, did i just buy the shirt online or actually go inside the establishment to drink the beer.

Its the weirdest thing ever. My wife talks about it all the time. I was at the Mastadon/Primus concert last summer in Pittsburgh and no less than 4 people stopped me to talk about my shirt.
I haven't looked into the dog laws....except for the one about fucking them.

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