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Originally Posted by welndmn View Post
That's a huge grip for, 2 axle leaks? Is that what your issue is?
Why not post up here some of your issues and see if Pirate can help?
While mounting a link arm to a diff cover is not the best idea, it does work.

Actually some good advice. Originally when I posted I most certainly should have shared some photos of the issues rather than the rigs. Hopefully I can get my photos I just tired to share working so they don't take up three wide screens. The gripe is actually more advanced than just leaks, it concerns customer service, more or less lack of, and advice from the company that steered me away from my original build plans. Hope to get the rig back in the next 60 days and if fixed I'll let everyone know what worked.. if not I will keep everyone informed on my venture down to the GenRight shop and let everyone know of the outcome directly from the source. If some good advice shows up on this thread I will certainly take it into consideration/try out the idea.

I do hope I can make the design work as it was the original plan and looks very clean. I think the most frustration part is the fact that I listened to their advice then they left me hanging as problems started to arise. To date I have tried RTV, Permatex as well as another sealant someone suggested but can't remember because it was so long ago.. currently have a lube locker (which GR told me not to try and at this point to remove).
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