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Originally Posted by climbit View Post

you have an axle seal leak and a leaking front dif cover on currie axles and you posted a bad sellers thread about Genright? LOL.

I'm honestly baffled that someone would spend 40K on a build and come one the internet to whine about oil leaks. fucking wrangler people.

on to your issues, Replace the axle seal in the rear and quit bitching. I'll give you that Genright owes you a seal and the labor to fix it since you bought the axles assembled through them.

as far as the front goes, a lot of people have that setup without leaks. that leak issue is your installers problem. they managed to fuck up the cover somehow. have them weld you a new cover bolted to a welding table or to a housing so it doesn't warp.

If it were mine, I'd countersink the cover and run Conical washers with Grade8 bolts to lock the cover in place. same way I do all my difs. also,you should use a lube-locker gasket instead of a gasket maker "just in case" the cover shifts, it shouldn't cause a leak once you tighten the bolts back down.

Currie is Smart. they don't deal with the public so they don't have to deal with the complaints.
However, I have called them multiple times with questions about products and have had nothing but great service. I have had them sell me parts direct before, but they generally want me to go though a vendor.

Honestly the rear axle seal leak is not that big a deal and doesn't bother me.. that is an easy fix. PITA, yes but not something I would ever post up about unless I am finding poor support from the shop/seller. In my case I am exposing a bad design by GenRight (not a Currie diff cover) and further letting other's know that I have had to deal with a company that doesn't support their customers. fucking brainless dirty dicks that like to complain about Wrangler owners. It's a bit more complicated than a simple oil leak that is fixable and certainly has more to do with lack of support.

on to your suggestions, noted and appreciated. For the record I have a Lube Locker on there now that I attempted in my final fix and GR is suggesting I remove it.

Originally Posted by JKhauler View Post
Where's the michael Jackson popcorn meme when you need one? This guy is about to learn first hand why you don't come to Pirate4x4 and whine like a bitch over 2 leaking axle seals lol... Bro, if you cant remedy that problem yourself, how about packing that rig up on a trailer and sell it to someone who knows how to do it.. You're clearly WAAAAYYY over your head in shit you have no clue about.. These fly by night offroaders are mesmerizing... I'm going to quote the guy from Fast and the Furious: "Just because you think you can box, doesn't mean you can just step in the ring with Ali."
I liked your comment here so much that I decided to not let this thread go after all this time.

Originally Posted by samy crawler View Post
Look at this little punk.. can't leave him out.. the one that likes to make up a quote. Bet you're the guy that likes to watch a fight then stomp on the person that is down's head. OMG dude. lmao.
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