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Originally Posted by bbusch8274 View Post
For the record I have a Lube Locker on there now that I attempted in my final fix and GR is suggesting I remove it.

So you have been and still are in occasional communications with Genright ?

Do they know about this thread ?

Curious if you can weld to the Currie centers for a link mount like you can on a Dana and ditch that weird cover/bolt set up, but I guess they have a crossover mount to accomplish that, was the truss link mount an option and you chose the diff cover mount ? (just asking seriously don't know)

You spent alot of money, and they have all of it, so they are are more or less, Done with your project so to speak .

Take that buggy out to farm country and find some old boy that knows what the fuck he's doing and he will fix your leaks, shit I can't even see em, and I'll guarantee I can fix em, make a better UL mount system to boot .

Hope you get everything sorted out, I can see how this could be frustrating when you paid up, things like this reinforce my trust issues, I keeps me from letting other people build or work on my shit .

Best of luck to you .
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