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Originally Posted by notstock View Post
Just curious, at any time in the last 2 years when you have had the diff cover off have you checked to see if the cover is warped?
Short answer.. no. Nothing has been done with the front diff. Last time the rig was driven the ram seemingly failed so on the trailer and down to the Bay it went (that was Jan 2017). After much thought this evening I am going to have the unit inspected under a microscope, if I can, and post back. If it turns out the diff cover is warped I will certainly have more questions than answers at that point and it will most certainly be more difficult to pin point this as a design flaw on GR's part and error in judgement on my part to move forward with a design that incorporates a CA mount being attached to a differential cover. I failed to read this thread since my last posts until earlier this evening and now I find myself questioning several things that may have gone wrong. Quite a bit of time has gone by at this point (3.5+ years since the labor). If the unit is warped I will likely have a truss built and get a new cover. In that event I will have to give GR the benefit of the doubt. If it is not warped I will give JSS a shot at stopping the issue as is and if the problem continues to persist there is a chance I will take it down to GR to have a look otherwise I may likely write the issue off and try and forget it ever happened and move forward with a truss. I like the design in theory but if it doesn't work then it doesn't work, move on and maybe everyone is the wiser.

Originally Posted by Valley Rock View Post
So you have been and still are in occasional communications with Genright ?

Do they know about this thread ?

Curious if you can weld to the Currie centers for a link mount like you can on a Dana and ditch that weird cover/bolt set up, but I guess they have a crossover mount to accomplish that, was the truss link mount an option and you chose the diff cover mount ? (just asking seriously don't know)

You spent alot of money, and they have all of it, so they are are more or less, Done with your project so to speak .

Take that buggy out to farm country and find some old boy that knows what the fuck he's doing and he will fix your leaks, shit I can't even see em, and I'll guarantee I can fix em, make a better UL mount system to boot .

Hope you get everything sorted out, I can see how this could be frustrating when you paid up, things like this reinforce my trust issues, I keeps me from letting other people build or work on my shit .
I spoke with GR recently but more or less regarding their suggestion on the front coil over hoops and how they position them there in their own shop. They haven't forgotten me around that place for sure. Absolutely if I were skilled enough and had the time to do this stuff on my own I wouldn't put trust in other people. Being able to weld and work on one's own shit doesn't make them a custom fabricator (nor have I ever claimed to be one). I think the more I am considering all the issues that could have caused this issue I am skeptical with my own thoughts on the matter. However, I don't think I'm wrong with much of my frustration regarding all the BS I have been through. Your point is very valid tho that GR has the money and at that point if they don't do the work they can ultimately be finished with the situation. If I had listened to my heart I would have stuck with the Pro Rock 60's and gone with a truss on the front but ultimately I went with Andrew's suggestion to choose Currie and the diff cover design against my better judgement. Guess I didn't really consider that the install shop would foul it up so badly they would warp the cover allowing the design to fail (and at this point in no way am I convinced that is what happened, but it is possible). Certainly learning some valuable lessons here tho and why I should be more skeptical regarding this shit. I just somewhat assumed it was a proven design and I wouldn't have problems. I do believe that throwing hundred dollar bills at labor doesn't mean that labor is worth it. If done correctly and no issues then those Benjamin's are unavoidable either way for someone like myself that doesn't have the equipment to do the job. In the end this is a once in a lifetime build, I hope some things start to go more positively with it. also believe it or not I hope there is some slight vindication for GenRight because I want the design to work out given that is the setup incorporated with my build. If there is a fix that proves to hold over time and I don't have to go with a truss I will be happy in the end.

Originally Posted by Valley Rock View Post
Best of luck to you .
Appreciate it man.
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