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Originally Posted by Mike C2 View Post
OK, really sorry for the delay. Work, weather, wife's car. You know.

They have a rolled edge, so figure the ID is about 32" and 8.5"

Thank you for the measurements Mike.

It confirms that the M100 fenders or any 32” (16” radius) trailer fender will fit inside the rear wheel arch of a stock M38/Cj3, and it looks like that’s what they did it with the farm jeeps back in the day.

It also confirms it will not fit MY M38, looks like the previous owner opened up the rear wheel arch’s towards the rear of the body to fit larger tires, so 32” fenders will have an gap. But I still,plan on going this route but will be using 34” or 36” fenders slightly modified, I also plan on making them bolt on and removable, that way I can drive on the roads with out the local county Mounties ticketing me for inadequate tire coverage but still be able to take them off when on the trail. I will post pics on my build thread once I get moving on it which might be soon as the local tractor parts store is open today and I’m board and Tired of this -40 weather we have had all month.
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