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Originally Posted by YotaAtieToo View Post
Gotcha, what about high range? Use able at all off road?
Absolutely not. Its barely useable on road. But you might be better off with the 2.0 than I am with the 1.6.

5th in 4 low leaves me wishing I had more top end but the suspension can't go much faster than what the gearing allows. The 1.8 low would probably be a nice mid range, but that's why I wish I had the Sammy case in it. 4.9 low ranges have 1.609 in high, I think that would be a perfect permanent high range as well,as the perfect low.

Again you having a 2.0 and running 32's leaves you in a different situation than I'm in currently.

TBH, I have a GM 2.5l and 700R4 I think I want to swap in with a single Toyota t-case. Only reason I haven't started already is my 1.6 is as good as 1.6's get, and the a/c works. Fun fact, five 200 pound men in my little 4 door leaves me with only 4 useable gears but it will still go 80 in 4th gear with the a/c on and 1000 pounds of dude in it. 5th is useless with that much weight in it.
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