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Originally Posted by D45 View Post
You sure about this? Tried to tell my buddy about this and he said it did not work

He is averaging 7.8-8.5 in his 6.4L PW , unloaded
Works on my '16 PW. I'm running 37's and am getting like 10/14 unloaded indicated on the computer. Computer lines up with hand calculated =/- 0.5mpg. That's with a speedo that is uncorrected for tire size, so it's probably actually a little better. I don't drive it very hard.

My understanding is that there is no way to untraceably turn the MDS off permanently. So if you have a warranty, you are going to have to buy a second ECM to swap in when you take it in for anything. It's not like a GM MDS system where you can just get an OBD dongle to turn off the MDS, then remove the dongle to set everything back exactly how it was.

Originally Posted by D45 View Post
What trans is bolted up to these 6.4L trucks?

6.4L is only a power wagon and a 2500/3500 motor right?
I think you get the 68RFE. 6 speed auto that seems pretty good in the short time I've had it. I don't know if you can get an Aisin in a 3500/6.4 combo.
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