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Originally Posted by DirtRoads View Post
Works on my '16 PW. I'm running 37's and am getting like 10/14 unloaded indicated on the computer. Computer lines up with hand calculated =/- 0.5mpg. That's with a speedo that is uncorrected for tire size, so it's probably actually a little better. I don't drive it very hard.

My understanding is that there is no way to untraceably turn the MDS off permanently. So if you have a warranty, you are going to have to buy a second ECM to swap in when you take it in for anything. It's not like a GM MDS system where you can just get an OBD dongle to turn off the MDS, then remove the dongle to set everything back exactly how it was.

I think you get the 68RFE. 6 speed auto that seems pretty good in the short time I've had it. I don't know if you can get an Aisin in a 3500/6.4 combo.
16 PW on Toyo RTs 37x12.5 and corrected with AEV ProCal here. 11-12 unloaded here. Mostly city or going above southwest interstate speeds. 8-9 with either a single rig or small camper so far. Regearing to 5.13s in the near future now that I've got a little DD.

66RFE which is some combo of 65 and 68 architecture from other reading.

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